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Pelvic floor

Why the PELVIC FLOOR is important.   Let’s be honest, you have all heard about the Pelvic floor, but what is all the hype really about? And why do you need to know about it?    What is the Pelvic Floor?    The Pelvic Floor (PF) is a group of muscles that lie at the …

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Setting boundaries

Setting Boundaries:   ‘Boundaries aren’t trying to control someone or make them change. Boundaries are about establishing how you want to be treated, self-preservation in a chaotic or dangerous environment, and a path to healthy relationships’. What are the tell-tale signs that someone might be overstepping your boundaries? You are likely to feel anger, resentment, …

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Show me a person that hasn’t had some kind of stress over the past 2 years. If you’ve been that person, please read this blog, you’ll find it extremely helpful.   The Stress Response explained:   Back when we were cavemen, our stress response (also known as the fight flight freeze response, the fear response, …

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What are they? Shin splints give pain along the shin bones between the knee and ankle. Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome is the most common form of shin splint, with pain felt along the bottom half of the shin bone. Why do I have it? Shin splints most commonly occur due to a sudden increase in …


Vertigo (Dizzyness)

Do you feel like the whole world is spinning? It’s a shocking sensation to have your head constantly spinning isn’t it? Read this blog below and find out how Physio can help. What is it? Vertigo is the sensation of feeling off balance or that the environment around you is moving or spinning. It may …

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How long until I’m better?

As Physio’s we often get asked the question… How long until I’m better?  I wish there was a one size fits all answer to this question, however there is no ‘recipe’ style approach that can give a conclusive answer to this, as every injury is as unique as we humans are.   In saying that we …

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Knee Arthritis- not a life sentence

There is always new emerging evidence surrounding knee Osteoarthritis (OA), this means that advice that you have been previously given may now been outdated.  Primarily, OA is not a description of your symptoms or levels of pain, it is a radiological finding. The chart below shows us the number of people who have never reported …

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