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Exos Casting

About Our Exos Casting and Bracing System

Have you ever suffered from a broken bone and been encumbered by a heavy, bulky fibreglass or plaster of Paris cast? At Beachside Physiotherapy, those days are behind us, thanks to our adoption of the revolutionary Exos casting technology from DJO Global.

The Exos bracing system represents a significant advancement in casting technology. It is thermoformable, meaning it can be precisely moulded to the contours of your body, ensuring optimal fit, comfort, and stabilisation. This lightweight, waterproof material is easy to clean, does not interfere with X-ray imaging (radiolucent), and offers a far more practical solution compared to traditional casts.

Key Benefits of Exos Casting

  • Adjustable and Remouldable – Perfectly fits the specific contours of your body and can be adjusted as required.
  • Waterproof – Allows for easy hygiene maintenance, and participation in water activities such as swimming and surfing—ideal for maintaining an active lifestyle even during recovery.
  • No Cast Saw Needed for Removal – Removal is straightforward and pain-free, particularly beneficial for our younger patients who might be apprehensive about traditional cast removal.
  • Quick Application – The entire process takes only about 8 minutes.

Our use of Exos casting and bracing technology is available across Southern Sydney, including the suburbs of Cronulla, Woollooware, Caringbah, Miranda, Gymea, and Sylvania. This method is part of our commitment to providing the most advanced and patient-friendly treatments available.

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