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Exos Casting

Have you ever broken a bone and been stuck in a heavy, bulky fibreglass cast, or even worse, a plaster of paris cast? Thankfully, thanks to our EXOS casting technology, the days of fractures meaning you have to carry around a heavy cast all day are behind us. EXOS embraces the newest and most revolutionary casting, bracing and splinting technology.

At Beachside Physiotherapy we proudly offer the Exos casting and bracing system from DJO Global. The Exos bracing system is a revolutionary, thermoformable technology, offering an adjustable, waterproof and reformable solution for the treatment of fractures and other injuries requiring stabilisation. The Exos advanced technology allows our physiotherapists to mould the cast directly to you for the best possible fit, comfort and stabilization. The thermoformable material is light-weight, waterproof, can be easily cleaned, and is radiolucent (meaning you can have an Xray scan to check fracture healing without taking it off!). A much better alternative to a plaster cast or fibreglass cast for a non-displaced fracture. The Exos braces and casts are made from polymer and foam and take only 8 minutes to apply.

Our patients, especially the younger ones, benefit from the “no cast saw required” removal and the waterproof properties of Exos braces allowing for easy skin and brace hygiene as well as involvement in water activities – yes you can shower, swim and surf in your cast! We proudly use and advocate Exos advanced technology as an alternative to traditional casting and splinting.

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