Advanced Shockwave Therapy in Cronulla Southern Sydney

Shockwave Therapy

Therapeutic Effects of Shockwave Treatment

Shockwave therapy, utilising high-intensity sound waves, interacts with the body’s tissues, triggering a cascade of beneficial effects including neovascularisation, reversal of chronic inflammation, stimulation of collagen, tissue regeneration, and dissolution of calcium build-up. This treatment creates an optimal healing environment, essentially kick-starting the body’s own healing mechanisms to repair affected tissues.

Indications for the Application of Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is extensively used in physiotherapy, podiatry, orthopaedics, and sports medicine. It is particularly effective for treating various chronic tendinopathies such as those affecting the Achilles tendon, rotator cuff tendons, patella tendon, and conditions like “tennis elbow,” as well as heel pain and plantar fasciitis. Indications for shockwave therapy include:

  • Persistent pain lasting 3-6 months or more
  • Ineffectiveness of previous conservative treatments, including exercises, biomechanical adjustments, and other manual or electrotherapy interventions

Precautions Regarding Shockwave Treatment

Shockwave therapy is not suitable in certain conditions, including:

  • Tissue tears greater than 50%
  • Presence of a tumour in the area
  • Pregnancy
  • Recent cortisone injections within the last 6 weeks

Typical Shockwave Treatment Regimen

Each case is unique, but typically, shockwave therapy sessions are spaced 4-6 days apart. A standard course of treatment usually consists of 3-6 sessions, with a maximum of 8 sessions per course. If results from the initial course are unsatisfactory, another course may be considered. The benefits of shockwave therapy, a relatively new and non-invasive treatment method, are often noticeable after just 1 or 2 sessions.

Our shockwave therapy services are available for clients across the Sutherland Shire, including the suburbs of Cronulla, Woollooware, Caringbah, Miranda, Gymea, and Sylvania.

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