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Tradies- avoid knee pain

In this week’s blog we are focused on providing you all with the essentials to avoid knee pain at work. Many trades involve repetitive squatting,

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Sore when cold?

Hey guys, we’ve been getting the same questions all winter about pain and cold weather. People are asking if it’s actually a thing when we

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Who is Nikki Chryss?

Nik has been an absolute superstar since starting at Beachside. Watch this short video and find out some interesting hobbies, what sports she enjoys and

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F45- Knee pain

How to get back to an unmodified class-   Have you had ongoing pain at the front of your knee and are currently avoiding every

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Tradies get the ladies?

‘Tradies get the ladies, or do they?’ They certainly get injuries that prevent them from earning an income- back pain, neck pain, shoulder and knee

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Why am I in pain?

Often people present to physio because of pain they are experiencing in a certain area. In fact, pain is the number one reason people present

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