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Working from home……in pain?

April 18, 2020

COVID -19 places us in an unprecedented situation in which a huge number of people are being forced to work from home without adequate preparation in terms of creating a suitable home working environment 

As a result many have been working from the laptop on the lounge and finding they have a sore back or neck out of no where!

We’d like to share some useful tips and advice to make sure you are doing all you can to avoid any unnecessary aches and pains during these challenging times!

1) Work at a desk where possible

Having a desk is key as it stops you from lounging in the armchair in the living room with the laptop and Netflix on in the background! Sitting at a desk will not only make you more productive but also force you to sit in a better posture. 

For those who are thinking of investing in a desk, a standing desk is best as it gives you the option to alternate between periods of standing and sitting .

If this is not an option any standard desk is fine and probably better than sitting at the kitchen table. 700mm is a good desk height but lower if you’re a little shorter.

2) Invest in a decent chair 

Adjust the height of the chair to ensure your feet are touching the floor. If you are a smaller person a foot rest is a good option. If you have an adjustable back rest make sure it supports the small of your back. If this isn’t an option invest in a lumbar roll or use a rolled up towel. Try and have the seat of the chair slanting down slightly to open up the front of the hips and avoid getting tight hip flexors!

3) Good lighting

Having adequate light, natural night preferably, or a good desk lamp, to ensure you don’t have to squint and lean forward.

4) Computer/laptop

Ensure that you have the monitor of the computer or laptop at eye level  and arms length away. Where possible use a mouse.

5) Keep work space tidy

Put items you use regularly, such as the phone or reports, within, easy reach so that you are not over reaching/straining.

6) Take regular breaks

Get up and move! This is probably the most important thing to do. Whether it’s just to go get a glass of water or go to the toilet it still counts. Take advantage of the current home work situation and go for a walk during your lunch break to get your steps ups and get some fresh air!

7) stretch

There are lots of great stretches that you can do for your neck/back/hips that will help avoid any niggles!

As always if you have any questions about this topic or any others please reach out- 9544 0477 or email-

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