Vertigo (Dizzyness) -

Vertigo (Dizzyness)

November 2, 2021

Do you feel like the whole world is spinning? It’s a shocking sensation to have your head constantly spinning isn’t it? Read this blog below and find out how Physio can help.

What is it?

Vertigo is the sensation of feeling off balance or that the environment around you is moving or

spinning. It may only last a few seconds or it could be so severe that it lingers for a few days

affecting your everyday activities. You may feel unsteady, dizziness or nausea with vertigo.

Why do I have it?

Vertigo is often triggered by a change in your head position, affecting the structures in the inner

ear – therefore your balance and perception of the world around you. This can lead to cases

such as BPPV, Meniere’s Disease or vestibular neuritis.

How can Physio help?

After a thorough analysis your Physio can perform specific head movements based on what is

triggering your symptoms. You will also be taken through vestibular rehabilitation training to

improve dizziness and balance problems once your symptoms settle. This reduces the risk of

having another episode of vertigo later on.


Should you have any questions please reach out,

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