Tradies- avoid knee pain -

Tradies- avoid knee pain

September 8, 2020

In this week’s blog we are focused on providing you all with the essentials to avoid knee pain at work.

Many trades involve repetitive squatting, crouching and kneeling. Over a prolonged period of time these repetitive actions can cause unnecessary pressure on the soft tissue structures around the knee. Our knees are not designed in the same manner as our feet to be load bearing for prolonged periods, so when we use them as though they are you can end up with pain!!

Another factor in the development of knee pain is a lack of glute strength and stability. When our glutes aren’t doing their job, this changes the mechanics of the knee and once again can cause you to end up with pain.

Quick test:

Check how your knees are tracking during a squat …

  1. If your knees want to come inwards towards each other during your squat, this is usually a good indication that your glutes are weak
  2. If your knees shift too far over the top of your toes, then your mechanics is incorrect

These will lead to increased/ unnecessary stress through the soft tissue structures that could be avoided.

Tips to avoid knee pain:

  1. Squats – Begin with a regular squat, however focus on correct alignment of the knees while doing so. You want your squat to look more like a hinge, drive your hips back so that it causes your knees to stay behind the level of the toes.

Align the knees over the top of the second and third toe, and maintain this as you lower and lift through your squat

Progress to SL squats with same technique

  1. Single leg glute bridges- Begin lying on your back with your knees bent up, lift your hips off the ground, lift one leg up to parallel with your other knee

Lift and lower your hips off the ground, focusing on not letting your pelvis tip from side to side

These exercises are a good place to start to stabilise your hips and knees. There are always ways to progress your exercises, however these are a starting point.

As always if you have any concerns regarding ongoing knee pain, pop into our clinic for a consultation with any of our physio’s, OR email us at

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