Sore when cold? -

Sore when cold?

August 28, 2020

Hey guys, we’ve been getting the same questions all winter about pain and cold weather. People are asking if it’s actually a thing when we feel more pain when it’s cold. Is it real or am I just imagining it? If it is real what’s actually going on?

So the reality is when it’s cold, we don’t get a as much blood flow to the muscles, to the joints and to the other tissues around the body.

And this isn’t a problem during the day when we’re moving. However, when we stop and slow down, sit for a while or at night whilst we’re resting in bed, the blood flow to the tissues simply isn’t as good, especially if they’re some wear and tear in those joints. This could make it even more sore. Simply having a period of cold weather like we’re currently having this will make us more sore and stiff in the joints, just due to the lack of blood flow.

The same goes for nerve pain. Think about sciatica type pain, pain that runs down the back of the leg, nerves are really sensitive to cold weather as well, so I liken it to biting into an ice cream and that sensation that you first get through your teeth.

Nerve pain in response to cold is very similar to that. So what solutions are there? It’s really simple, even though it might hurt you at first to move your body, we need that movement to increase blood flow to the tissues. And remember, there’s no actual damage unless previously you’ve had an injury to that part of the body, and moving is going to free you up and make you move with less pain.

Generally in winter, we don’t move as much the warmer months, particularly in the middle of a pandemic. People are isolating , staying at home much more, and that’s likely why you’re experiencing more pain in your body right at the moment.

So, quite simply, if your sore, move more.

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Take care.

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