November 23, 2021

What are they?

Shin splints give pain along the shin bones between the knee and ankle. Medial Tibial Stress

Syndrome is the most common form of shin splint, with pain felt along the bottom half of the shin


Why do I have it?

Shin splints most commonly occur due to a sudden increase in the amount of exercise over a

short period of time. Other reasons include the foot and ankle rolling inwards when running (flat

feet), tight hip flexors or other lower limb musculature, unsupportive footwear, or if you have a

family history of shin splints.

How can physiotherapy help?

It is essential that your physiotherapist properly assesses your injury to make sure you do not

have any stress fractures. This can occur due to a tight muscle repetitively pulling and tugging

on your shin bone, eventually weakening the bone causing the bone to weaken and crack.

To allow the body to properly rest, repair and recover it is important you take some time off from

running (or the aggravating factor). After a period of rest your Physio will perform specific

stretches and release techniques to the calf and other lower limb musculature, assess your

footwear and running technique, and take you through a strength and conditioning program.

This is important to allow a gradual and successful return to running pain free.


We hope this article provides some valuable info around this painful injury. If you have any questions at all simply reach out.


The team @beachside.

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