Pelvic floor -

Pelvic floor

August 18, 2022

Why the PELVIC FLOOR is important.


Let’s be honest, you have all heard about the Pelvic floor, but what is all the hype really about? And why do you need to know about it? 


What is the Pelvic Floor? 


The Pelvic Floor (PF) is a group of muscles that lie at the base of your pelvis. There are 3 layers of muscles, that form a hammock like structure that extends from the pubic bone in the front of the pelvis , all the way to the coccyx or the tailbone at the back. The PF has these 4 functions:


  1. Support
  2. Stabilize
  3. Sphincter control
  4. Sexual function

Here’s how they do it:

  1. Support. 

These muscles play an important role in supporting the internal organs by no other than, holding them up / in place. these organs that are being supported by the pelvic floor are: Bladder, Uterus and the Rectum. 

  1. Stabilize. 

The pelvic floor lies at the base of the pelvis and plays a important role in the core muscle function. The PF are the base of the core and help stabilize the pelvis the spine and the pelvis organs for us to move pain free.

  1. Sphincter control

The pelvic floor muscles wrap around the Sphincters (aka urine exit canal and solid waste exit canal) to control what goes out and in. They should be strong and coordinated enough to keep urine and solid waste INSIDE until you decide to empty. When emptying, they should release and “let go” to allow the bladder and bowel to empty normally.

  1. Sexual function

Pelvic floor (PF) muscles are responsible for sexual satisfaction. Yep you heard me: ORGASMS. The PF muscles react to sexual stimuli with increased local blood circulation and involuntary contractions during orgasm. 


As you can see the PF muscles are really important to our everyday, happy, pain free, life. 


If you are struggling with pain, pressure in the pelvis or pelvic floor, why not come and see Emma?! She specialises in all things Women’s Health and is an amazing Physio.

For an appointment simply click this link or call 95440477 and speak with our friendly reception team.


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