Pain on the outside of your hip? -

Pain on the outside of your hip?

September 3, 2019

Trochanteric Bursitis (TB)

Have you recently experienced lateral (side) hip pain and been diagnosed with Bursitis? 

Lateral hip pain or Trochanteric  Bursitis can be caused from acute trauma or more commonly long standing biomechanical weaknesses.

We commonly see people improve quickly with simple changes such as not crossing their legs, this places stress on the outside of the hip and can aggravate your symptoms. 

The highest incidence of injury is in middle aged to elderly adults (most commonly females). 

Treatment can include: 

Activity modification 

Physio, including strength work

Weight loss 

Corticosteroid injection 

NSAIDS (anti-inflammatory medications)

There is a reported 90% cure rate, however some patients may undergo multiple courses of the above treatment options, prior to full recovery. 

The Conservative Approach: 

Physiotherapy that includes strength exercises, steroid Injections (rarely), Ice and/or Heat 

Patients are able to return to sport and labour intensive work within approx. 2-3 months 

Along with Physiotherapy, you should partake in a 6 week home exercise program incorporating: 

Gluteal strengthening 

Straight Leg Raise Exercises 

Assisted Squat Exercises 

The information below has been developed to guide you of the rehabilitation process: 

Stage 1 

1. Decrease Pain 

2. Activity Modification 

3. Ice 


Stage 2: 

1. Strengthen Glute Medius muscle 

2. Core Strengthening 

3. Stretching Piriformis and ITB 

4. Assisted Squats – 1/4 Squat against the Wall 

5. Ice as needed 

Stage 3: 

1. Continue Core and Stabilising Exercises (Using Swiss Ball) 

2. Strengthening – Gluts / Hamstrings 

3. Straight Leg Raise Exercises (SLR) 

4. Assisted Squats – Against Wall (1/2 > 3/4) 

5. Progressively increase activity 

Your Physiotherapist will work with you throughout each stage to tailor your recovery and progress your exercises as appropriate.

Any questions?

Should you have any questions please feel free to call us on 9544-0477 or email us at or simply drop in to our Cronulla clinic in person, look forward to hearing from you.

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