Low back Pain? -

Low back Pain?

June 17, 2019

Are you suffering from back pain and its stopping you doing what you enjoy?

Is it stopping you from enjoying time with family and friends? Perhaps it’s impacting your work?

Perhaps you’ve had it for a long time? Chances are you have never received the correct treatment.

Can Physio help me?

At Beachside Physiotherapy we have treated over 100,000 cases of spinal pain, so there’s a fair chance we’ve seen cases just like yours. Our Physio’s have a combined experience of over 50 years.

We are also Cronulla’s longest standing clinic, the reason for our longevity is simple- we get great results and we look after our clients like our family.

Every episode of back pain is unique, thats why we offer a tailored solution to YOUR problem. Our Physio’s are highly trained and experienced. We use the latest techniques that involve ‘hands on’ treatment to ensure you get a great outcome and start to feel better straight away.

We don’t just treat your symptoms and send you on your way, we get to the cause of your pain by conducting a through assessment to give you a proper diagnosis so we can create an effective treatment plan to get you out of pain fast and back to the life you love so much without reoccurrence.

So, what is causing your back pain?

Most people that come to Beachside Physiotherapy aren’t too sure why their back pain started, usually it just comes on gradually and continues to get worse if left untreated. The low back can also be injured when we bend, twist, lift or reach, in these cases the patient usually feels immediate pain in their back.

Structures that can be effected include the muscles, intervertebral discs , facet joints, nerves and ligaments.


In the lower back there are many tissues which can be injured or can cause pain. There are several muscles in the lower back area that can be sore – the extensor muscles of the low back, the gluteal muscles and deep hip rotator muscles can cause pain right around the tailbone or buttock area, and many other smaller stabilising muscles including the pelvic floor muscles can also be involved.

Facet Joints

In the lower back the vertebra attach to each other via the facet joints. These joints can often cause sharp pain in the back when you move. If the facet joints are swollen, stiff or inflamed, they can cause severe pain.

Intervertebral Discs

These structures can often cause quite severe pain and also difficulty sitting, bending and getting out of a chair. If you have injured a disc in your back you normally have pain right in the middle of your lower spine, and this pain can be persistent for many weeks or months. If you have a bulging disc in your back this can be painful if it is swollen or touching the small nerve roots which exit each level of the spine. Keep in mind though, many people who have bulging discs on MRI also have no pain, just like we get grey hair and wrinkles, we get changes in our discs too.


Sciatic pain is generally felt in any part of your leg, it can occur with or without accompanying back pain. Sciatica is very painful, the location of the pain can move and it can be hard to know where the pain is coming from and what is causing it. Sciatica is a condition which needs to be managed carefully and Physio’s are experts in treating sciatica. You may also require medication, rest, gentle exercise and advice about how to manage sciatica.

How long will it take until I’m better?

Most people who have a simple cause of their lower back pain can be completely free of pain within 1-4 weeks, and up to 5 Physio sessions.

Those with more complicated pain or injuries can take 2-3 months to recover, and may require 10 or more Physio sessions. We understand back pain is frustrating, our aim is to get you better as quick as possible, this can take time in these more complex cases.

Other back injuries such as fractures, sciatica, post-surgery and those people who suffer from chronic pain can require ongoing physiotherapy care to get on top of their pain most effectively.

How can I help myself get out of pain?

The most important thing you can do to get rid of your pain is to understand what is causing your back pain. We find that when our clients understand what is causing their pain, it empowers them and they can put a plan in place to help get out of pain, which may include Physio treatment, medication, exercises, changing the way they use their body at work, and understanding the factors which aggravate or ease their symptoms.

So if you’re sick and tired of putting up with back pain, book an appointment with our friendly and experienced team, and start to feel better today!

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