Womens Health- pre and post natal -

Womens Health- pre and post natal

February 26, 2020

I’m new to the Beachside team and take a special interest in all Women’s Health related issues and care.

Pregnancy and birth are probably the most physically, mentally and emotional times in any woman’s life. Therefore ladies, it’s important you take care of your body during this time. Working as a Physiotherapist over the past 12 years I have seen many Mums and Mums to be who are presenting with varying issues, most commonly neck and low back pain. In this blog I’d like to discuss some useful tips/information for women in the antenatal and postnatal periods.


-prioritise sleep

-keep active 

-ensure adequate nutrition throughout pregnancy 

-join an antenatal Pilates class 

-book in and see a physio if you have any musculoskeletal pain

-most importantly listen to your body!


-again get sleep when you can 

-don’t push yourself too hard to get back into exercise, you’ve just had a baby, give yourself 6 weeks to heal and recover 

-book in to get an assessment with a women’s health physio 6 weeks postpartum… this is so important!

-get any niggles treated… at Beachside we love to meet new babies, so bring Bub along if you need to… having a sore back or neck makes looking after a newborn so much more difficult!

-make pelvic floor exercises part of your daily routine

-don’t be hard on yourself… let the washing and dishes pile up and grab a nap or a cuppa when Bub is asleep… learn to take rest when you can!

For further advice on any of the above points please feel free to reach out, so we can help make your antenatal and postnatal journey as enjoyable as possible!

Noreen O’Connor

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