Tradies get the ladies? -

Tradies get the ladies?

July 14, 2020

‘Tradies get the ladies, or do they?’ They certainly get injuries that prevent them from earning an income- back pain, neck pain, shoulder and knee injuries are amongst the most common.

As we approach Tradies National Health Month (August) we want to draw attention to our tradies and their common workplace injuries so we can do our part in keeping them injury free and on the tools.

Trade workers, labourers, drivers and machinery operators make up 31% of the Australian workforce BUT they contribute to 58% of accidents and injuries. 

The 4 most common workplace injuries include: 

  1. Back pain 

 1 /4 of all tradies will experience back pain during their career, this is mainly due to the repetitive nature of manual labour. Repetitive/ heavy lifting, twisting, pushing and pulling tasks can all predispose tradies to back pain 

  1. Neck pain 

Similar to the back, tradies are exposed to neck strain due to the repetitive nature of work. Prolonged static postures can also contribute to the issue i.e. Painters looking up to paint a ceiling 

In manual work the neck and back are like the glue holding the rest of the body together, so any injury to either can result in long term complications 

  1. Knee pain 

Once again you will see a pattern… 

Knee pain can be caused by repetitive bending and kneeling, particularly in trades working on the ground such as tilers, electricians, plumbers etc. 

Prolonged kneeling can cause unnecessary pressure on the soft tissue surrounding the knee cap as well as causing increased compression of our knee joint. 

  1. Shoulder injuries 

Trades involving repetitive overhead work or repetitive shoulder motion can in time result in damage to the surrounding tendons of the shoulder which can advance into longer lasting shoulder injuries i.e. rotator cuff tears 

All of the above injuries can also be as a result of falls or traumatic injuries in the workplace which are common amongst trades people 

In a survey to Aussie tradies it was found that they are 2x more likely to look after their tools than they are to look after their bodies. As Physio’s it is our role to encourage tradies to focus more on their health and safety, NOT only in the short term but for the duration of their career, allowing them to continue to earn an income and care for their families.

As always if you have any questions about this topic or any others please reach out- 9544 0477 or email-

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