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Tradies- sore shoulder?

This month is TRADIES health month, so as promised we are giving advice on how to reduce the risk of injuries common to all of you tradies out there.  This week’s blog is centred around the shoulder, aiming to provide you with all the foundations to improve shoulder strength and stability!!  As mentioned in our […]

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F45- Knee pain

How to get back to an unmodified class-   Have you had ongoing pain at the front of your knee and are currently avoiding every second exercise in your F45 class? No lunges, jumping, and on a bad day say goodbye to squats too? So frustrating! Avoiding these aggravating movements is a good place to

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Tradies get the ladies?

‘Tradies get the ladies, or do they?’ They certainly get injuries that prevent them from earning an income- back pain, neck pain, shoulder and knee injuries are amongst the most common. As we approach Tradies National Health Month (August) we want to draw attention to our tradies and their common workplace injuries so we can

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Sore knee when running??

Reducing knee pain while running might just be a (quicker) stride away Knee injuries or knee pain are amongst the most common complaint in runners. While there may be varying causes or culprits to the pain, new research suggests that increasing your cadence may be one solution to the problem.  What is cadence?  Cadence is

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Working from home……in pain?

COVID -19 places us in an unprecedented situation in which a huge number of people are being forced to work from home without adequate preparation in terms of creating a suitable home working environment  As a result many have been working from the laptop on the lounge and finding they have a sore back or

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Womens Health- pre and post natal

I’m new to the Beachside team and take a special interest in all Women’s Health related issues and care. Pregnancy and birth are probably the most physically, mentally and emotional times in any woman’s life. Therefore ladies, it’s important you take care of your body during this time. Working as a Physiotherapist over the past

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Why am I in pain?

Often people present to physio because of pain they are experiencing in a certain area. In fact, pain is the number one reason people present to any medical professional. Pain can impact significantly on all aspects of your life. It can affect your ability to move, to work, to participate in sporting activities, hobbies and

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Pain on the outside of your hip?

Trochanteric Bursitis (TB) Have you recently experienced lateral (side) hip pain and been diagnosed with Bursitis?  Lateral hip pain or Trochanteric  Bursitis can be caused from acute trauma or more commonly long standing biomechanical weaknesses. We commonly see people improve quickly with simple changes such as not crossing their legs, this places stress on the

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Living with Plantar fasciitis?

Is Plantar Fasciitis Making Your Life Miserable   Plantar fasciitis, a condition characterised by the inflammation of the plantar fascia running across the bottom of your foot, can indeed turn daily activities into a painful ordeal. This ligament’s primary role is to support the arch of your foot and absorb shock as you walk. When

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Low back Pain?

Are you suffering from back pain and its stopping you doing what you enjoy? Is it stopping you from enjoying time with family and friends? Perhaps it’s impacting your work? Perhaps you’ve had it for a long time? Chances are you have never received the correct treatment. Can Physio help me? At Beachside Physiotherapy we

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