Michelle is a qualified Naturopath and Remedial Massage Therapist with over 18 years experience. Through years of clinical practice and raising three healthy energetic children she believes she has gained not only experience but a sense of compassion and understanding for her treasured clients. Michelle is not only experienced in Remedial Massage but also in Pregnancy Massage and Lymphatic Drainage. Naturopathy and its wholistic approach is a part of her everyday life, in and out of the clinic.
Naturopathy is a wholistic medical system which encompasses the whole body with all of its complex systems. The core practice of Naturopathy is based around treating the underlying cause of the health condition rather than just treating the symptoms. The initial consult involves taking a detailed case history which leads to a conclusive treatment plan comprising of dietary advice, nutritional supplementing, herbal medicine and/or homeopathy. Whilst Michelle has had success in treating all health conditions her areas of expertise are gut issues, inflammatory conditions, women’s health, children’s health, hormonal conditions, and digestive complaints.

Initial Consult 1.5 hrs  – $135
Follow up 45 minutes    $80
Follow up 30 minutes    $50                              

Remedial Massage 1 hr   $85 ($70 ea for 3 sessions pre-booked)              

Available hours-

THURSDAY 9.30 – 6.30pm      FRIDAY 12.30-6PM