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Our team of physiotherapists are experts in pain, injury and anything to do with muscles, joints, ligaments, nerves and soft tissues.

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Ice or Heat?

  A common question at Beachside Physiotherapy is whether heat or ice should be applied to an injury. This is important as applying the wrong temperature can delay healing or even worsen the pain and swelling. The general rule of…

Back Pain- Myths busted

  If you have ever suffered from low back pain, you are among the majority of people. In fact, 80% of the population will get back pain sometime in their life.  The good news is that for many of those inflicted with low back pain, there…

Neck Pain Or Tech Neck?

I’ve got a really important question for you - how much time do you spend texting, emailing from your phone or smart device, flicking through social media, or just generally looking down at your smart devices? If your answer is lots, or…


  5 TIPS FOR PREVENTING TENSION HEADACHES   The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that around 47% of the adult population suffers from a headache at least once during the year. Specifically, tension-type headaches…

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Beachside Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic

About Us

Beachside Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic is Cronulla’s longest standing practice having been established for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on achieving excellent results for our patients, whilst ensuring they receive the highest standard of physiotherapy care in a friendly and relaxed environment.

We believe the reason for our longevity is simple; we care for our patients like they are family and we get great results. We also believe the best way to get you better is through the use of ‘hands on’ treatment combined with specific exercise tailored for your condition. All our therapists continually participate in professional development courses to ensure our patients are receiving the most up to date assessment and treatment, allowing safe return to sport and daily activity as quickly as possible.

What customers say about Beachside Physio

After suffering a long- term back injury, the team at Beachside Physiotherapy were able to return my body to better than pre-injury fitness. The team were able to both relieve my pain and keep me motivated through the rehabilitation process.

I have also used Beachside Physiotherapy to help me achieve fitness goals by them keeping my overall body in good shape and injury free so that I could complete my first marathon.

I have no hesitation in recommending Beachside Physiotherapy to both friends and family.

Travis Joyce

Have been attending Beachside Physio for 10yrs now and it is still the best Physio practice going.

Geordie White

The most helpful and friendliest team I have met in a long time. Thank you.

Carlos Costas